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What Is CAA?

The Chesapeake Airsoft Association

The Chesapeake Airsoft Association was created by the players - for the players. The goal was to bring together all of the airsoft players, teams, fields, and stores in Maryland, DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey and the surrounding Chesapeake Bay watershed area.

The Association was founded on August 31st, 2010 by local airsoft players in need of a central hub to organize teams and post events. Our mission was to strengthen the airsoft community and make it easier for everyone to find each other. Over the years the association established uniform rules and procedures. CAA has maintained communication between fields, teams, and businesses so that our sport can continue to the highest level of safety and fun for everyone involved.



All memberships of CAA are free of charge.  We are completely self-supporting with help from our teams and sponsors so be sure to support them in return!

IndividualAny individual is welcome to join our association.  We will not deny membership to anyone based on religion, race, sexual preference, or anything other form of discrimination. 

Teams Team membership is free too. Officially recognized teams of the OTC will have access to vote in CAA decisions. To learn how to become a member of the OTC, read section below.



The Chesapeake Airsoft Association is run by representatives from each of the teams in the Official Teams Council (OTC).  Two individuals represent each team in the council. 

Council members will be held responsible for all team members actions.  It is up to you as council members to make sure your team members are following all rules and make sure there is no ill behavior in public, or on the CAA website.

Official Teams Council members are granted with:

1. Admin rights to review applications to the OTC. 

2. Monitor lewd behavior on the CAA forums as a forum moderator.  

3. Admin rights to determine penalties that need to be applied to any member of CAA.  

4. An invitation to the annual OTC meeting & all private cookouts. 

OTC Requirements: 

1. 5+ active team members

2. OTC Leader must be 18+. Co-leader must be 16+ years of age.

3. Must be registered as a team on

4. At least 75% of members must be registered on 

5. Must regularly participate in forum discussions and attend CAA events.

6. Must have been an active member of CAA for at least 3 months.

OTC Approval Process: 

1. Complete steps 1-5 outlined above, then send a message to Matt G asking for an "initial review for OTC". Include the names of both team representatives (Leader and Co-leader).  

2. At the end of the 3 month probation period, the team leader should send another message to Matt G. requesting to be a formal member of the OTC. 

3. A brief period will pass in which OTC members will discuss your application. 

4. Soon after, you will be notified of the results and if successful, will be given access to the Official Teams Council (OTC) forum board. 



The Chesapeake Airsoft Association website was created to provide a neutral meeting place for all players and teams of CAA.  All members are encouraged to use the website as much as possible. Post events, pictures, videos, after action reports and anything else airsoft related and support our sponsors. Please encourage members of the airsoft community to use as much as possible. Everyone is expected to act in a mature professional matter and to always try and be helpful to the community.

1. Flaming and flame wars will not be tolerated.  Treat everyone with respect.  If you have something negative to say, please do not say it.

2. Any suspension or bans from any sanctioned CAA field(s) will result in being banned from the CAA website.

3. Do not create duplicate accounts. If you forget or lose your password, there is a feature to reset it, if you are still having problems feel free to contact the site admin, Matt G.

4. Please keep it PG! All public areas of the site are open to everyone. This includes members who are under the age of 18.

5. Abuse of the website could result in a permanent ban from our website, and sanctioned fields.

6. Advertising sales and/or services is not permitted unless you are an Official Sponsor of Chesapeake Airsoft. Learn how to become a sponsor here.   


The posted field rules and waiver are in effect at all Chesapeake Airsoft Assn. sanctioned events unless the field owners have their own established rules and waivers which would then take priority over the CAA rules. Everyone is welcome to use the official CAA Rules and waiver. The rules are posted as a subheading under the 'About' tab. 

Have fun out there, 

    Your friends at CAA


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