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I’ve been looking on forums asking around for the HK416 by VFC and I was hoping to get some input before I buy the rifle. Anyone have the gun and can tell me about it? Thanks!

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Oh yeah the 416 is really good. Me and a buddy have the 416 as our main rifle, we also have the M27 and that is a beast.

Here is where I bought my HK416

I would wait for the new one to come out.  It will be released in the next month or so.  But overall there a great product.  We will have them at East Coast Airsoft when they come out.  The older version has been discontinued in America for almost a year now.

Really? Will they release a 416-C in the Avalon internals?

I don't think a C will be out with the first batch.  This is the only "official" info they have posted.  But my sales rep said they should be coming out within a month.  But I have not heard any info on any other colors or models yet.

Oh gees! I was also looking for the same thing!.Glad I also found this forum. 



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