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Greetings! I am currently looking for an Airsoft team that I could possibly join or maybe a group of guys that I could tag along with. I love to play Airsoft and I want to take it a step further and join a team or group. If you know of anyone looking for someone or perhaps you might be looking for someone I would like to go through the "recruitment" stages. Here's a little about myself; I am 16 years old, I live in Virginia Beach., I am just about to get my drivers license sometime next month so I can drive myself to Airsoft events, and I like to think I am a pretty chill guy. I love to play Airsoft any chance I get, but sometimes I have to work on some weekends, but that will soon change once school starts back up after Labor Day. I don't really know everything there is about Airsoft, I mean I know the basics, but I don't know all the technicalities about guns and whatnot. If you would like to contact me feel free to text or call me at (757)-805-2192 or email me at

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